17 Best Things to Do in Punta Cana

If you are looking for what to do in Punta Cana, rest assured you’ll find an activity that caters to every traveler.

Whether you’re looking for grand adventures zip lining across crystal clear waters, discovering ancient caves, getting friendly with your favorite animals, or enjoying a day of pampering, you can find a memorable experience for every personality at any age.

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Must Do Things in Punta Cana for Everyone

With so many things to do in Punta Cana and its surrounding regions, it may be hard to find the best activity for yourself and/or your travel companions. But there are many activities that suit every type of traveler. Here are the best activities in Punta Cana that suit everyone.

Visit the ChocoMuseo

Most people love chocolate. But like many things in our daily lives, we don’t fully understand the process as to how that cocoa powder made it into your pantry or that chocolate sauce drizzled on top of our ice cream. A visit to the ChocoMuseo will introduce you to organic cocoa beans' farming and fabrication process. You’ll never look at chocolate the same way again.

Playa in Bavaro Beach

Punta Cana's famous Bavaro Beach caters to everyone at every age. Enjoy a spacious beach where you can spend the day building sandcastles or enjoying time in the warm turquoise waters. If you're looking for more action, try your hand at water sports, like kayaking or snorkeling. The area surrounding the beach is culturally rich, with many local eateries and shops to visit.

Los Haitises National Park

If you’re thinking of what to do in Punta Cana that will suit all ages, you can’t go wrong with a visit to the Los Haitises National Park. At Los Haitises, everyone can enjoy a serene hike in tropical paradise until you reach the Salto Socoa waterfall. Enjoy playing in the mists of the waterfall and unforgettable swims in a natural pool.

For Couples

Traveling couples who find themselves in Punta Cana are spoiled for choice. Grand adventures in a tropical paradise, vibrant dinner shows, dancing, and long walks along the white sand beaches are just some of the activities for you to choose from.

Miilé Spa

For couples looking to experience luxurious pampering, look no further than the Miilé Spa located at the Excellence Resort near serene Playa Uvero Alto. At this 5-star spa, couples can enjoy any of the offered spa services as a couple in a couples suite. Various services round out your spa experience, including unlimited fresh fruit and a beverage bar.

Chic Cabaret & Restaurant

For festive evenings, enjoy an unforgettable evening at Chic Cabaret and Restaurant. Guests to this sultry dinner show can enjoy a multi-course menu full of signature dishes and a creative cocktail list. Guests will be treated to 3.5 hours of music, acrobats, and more. And if you want to keep the party going after the curtain draws, take part in the after-show party and dance the night away.

Pearl Beach Club

It would not be a trip to Punta Cana without a luxury beach experience! Visit Pearl Beach Club for top-class lounging by the turquoise waters - the king of Punta Cana activities. Pearl Beach Club offers spa services, a cocktail bar and restaurant, and access to their infinity pool looking on to the ocean.

For Families with Children

Finding activities that cater to families with children of all ages can be difficult, but there is an array of Punta Cana Tourist Attractions that are great for every family member.


Spend your day traveling into a lush tropical forest and find yourself surrounded by adorable squirrel monkeys. Relax and enjoy watching the monkeys exist in their natural habitat, and don’t forget to snap a few pictures with them before you leave. After encountering the spider monkeys, look around the area and visit a local house to see how locals in the area live. And before your day is through, visit a cocoa and coffee plantation and learn how these items are grown, processed, and sent out to become must-have kitchen pantry items.

Manati Park

Home to the largest animal collection in the Dominican Republic is Manati Park. The park offers many animal encounters, including swimming with its dolphins! After learning more about the animals, their habits, and their personalities, enjoy one of the many scheduled daily shows in the park, including their Taino show. During this show, you and your family will be able to learn more about the country’s indigenous people, the Tainos, including their history, traditions, and rituals.

Indigenous Eyes Ecological Reserve

Take your family for an unforgettable day of light hiking in the Indigenous Eyes Ecological Reserve. With over 1500 acres of lush land to explore, visitors to this Punta Cana Ecological reserve will experience the sights and sounds of a tropical rainforest. Have a memorable picnic under low-hanging banana trees, or even go swimming in one of the twelve stunning freshwater lagoons located within the park.

For Solo Travelers

Solo travelers looking for fun things to do in Punta Cana have just as much variety to choose from as those traveling in larger groups.

Isla Catalina Catamaran Tour

Join a group of other travelers on a catamaran ride to beautiful Isla Catalina. Once you have arrived at the island, your group will be given a snorkeling tour of the vibrant sea life around the island. There are many different themed catamaran tours to choose from, such as those geared towards families and others with an open bar and geared towards adults.

Scape Park

Lose yourself in a day of thrilling adventure with a visit to Scape Park. Zipline off cliffs, swim in underground caves, or simply relax in a water hammock. Scape Park is a theme park that introduces both adrenaline-packed adventure and calm and breezy moments to take in the culture and beauty of your surroundings.

Macao Surf Camp

Many people dream of surfing ocean waves but never have the chance to learn just how to do it. Solo travelers who desire to learn to surf can make it a reality with a day at the Macao Surf Club.

Macao Beach is a famous Punta Cana surf spot where the waves are always ready for riding. The Macao Surf Club surf instructors will teach you the basic techniques needed to get out safely into the water and see you catching your first few waves.

Walks on the Beach

Solo travelers will have jam-packed days of taking in the sights and different beaches of Punta Cana when exploring by foot. From Bavaro beach, you can walk to the most beautiful and private beaches of Punta Cana and discover the unique qualities that they have to offer.

For Those Traveling in Groups

Travelers traveling in large groups, whether with friends or family (or both!), won’t find it hard to find activities that can fit the entire crew!

Dune Buggy Tours

Dune Buggy Tours in Punta Cana are one of the most popular activities to do in the region. You and your group can enjoy a guided adventure off-roading through northern Punta Cana. Here the terrain can get bumpy and very muddy, only adding to the off-roading fun! Your guide will take you through local villages and make a stop at a local restaurant for regional favorites. Some tours offer buggies for only one or two drivers/passengers, while others provide buggies that can seat up to five people, making an ideal excursion for larger groups.

Private Yacht Rental

Groups looking for a private space for a day or evening amongst themselves can rent a yacht. Yacht rentals come with a navigation crew and even a personal chef for those looking for a memorable meal on turquoise waters. Enjoy the sea breeze with cold beers or cocktails. Anchor down for some time snorkeling with your group in the surrounding waters. A day on a private yacht is sure to be an unforgettable group experience.

Saona Island Excursion

Enjoy a day sightseeing with your group and enjoy an excursion to Saona Island, the most popular destination in the Dominican Republic. Enjoy lounging and water sports on one of the most picturesque beaches you will ever come to know. Enjoy lunch at a local restaurant and stroll through town getting to know local island life.

Tour of Santo Domingo

If you're hoping to find places to visit outside of Punta Cana, one of the best activities available is a tour of the capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo. Your group will be picked up from your Punta Cana hotel and driven into the capital, where you will get to know more about the historic city. Tours include a stop at Los Tres Ojos, where you will visit three clear water caves; one blue, one green, and one brown. After visiting the old colonial town center and fort of Diego Columbus. Tours include a trip to the Columbus lighthouse, where Diego’s father, Christopher Columbus, is said to be buried.

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